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Instructor Carlo St Juste II, MAOM

Kung Fu and Tai Chi Instructor

The Instructor:
Carlo St. Juste II, MAOM has a background in acupuncture and has been training Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and general Self Defense for over 16 years. He has worked with various organizations such as USC, to provide Tai Chi workshops, as well as teaching Kung Fu for self defense. The program also integrates elements from Wrestling, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Ba Ji, Capoeira, Aikido, and Fut Sau Kune Do.

Instructor Carlo
Social Media: @TheTaiChiDude
Martial Arts Self Defense (M.A.S.D.)

My Martial Arts Background:
Contemporary Wushu – 2006 – Sifu Wang Zhen Tian
Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Lian Quan – 2006 – Dr. Israel Mak, D.C.
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan – 2006 (16, 24 Form) – Dr. Chiao-Nein Wang, and Master Chu – Southern California University of Health Sciences, Whittier
LACC Whittier – Wrestling and Grappling Club 2007-2009
Capoeira (2007) – Amir Solesky (SCUHS)
Hao Style 108 form 2011 – Sifu Peter Mugglebee – Cal Tech Pasadena
Instructor at Montrose Martial Arts 2012-2015, Montrose Ca
10th Planet – 2014 – Burbank – White Belt – “Jared Crazy Legs” Carsten
Fut Sau Kune Do – 2015- Sifu Rae Manzon

(2005) Business Management and Small Business, Cal Poly Pomona
(2009) Acupuncture and Asian Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southern California University of Health Sciences, Whittier, California

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