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Bruce Lee JKD Gloves For Martial Arts MMA


Officially licensed Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do gloves, modernized for improved performance and comfort, honoring the legendary martial arts icon.

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The Legendary Fists of Fury
Bruce Lee’s hands, renowned for their incredible speed, have become iconic worldwide. His lightning-fast strikes are etched in memory, almost mythical in their legend. Like the shield of Perseus or Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir, a single punch from the Dragon’s fist is the stuff of legend. Cinema and the skill of those portrayed have created our modern heroes and demigods, with Bruce Lee and his fists of fury at the forefront.
A Legacy of Philosophy and Art
Bruce Lee’s philosophy drove his art, and continues to inspire us decades later as his legend grows. We embrace this legacy and have reimagined the classic Jeet Kune Do gloves he developed, incorporating modern technology and design. The new version boasts improved hand dexterity, a modernized hook-and-loop strap closure, and an updated interior liner with a tricot layer for added comfort and mobility. Perfect for any martial art, these gloves are a testament to the enduring spirit of Bruce Lee.
Officially Licensed by the Bruce Lee Family Company
Century is proud to partner with the Bruce Lee Family Company, led by Shannon Lee, the daughter of the legendary Bruce Lee. This officially licensed product combines Jeet Kune Do inspiration with modern technology, honoring the legacy of a true martial arts icon.


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