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The PFL Standard: Professional Grade MMA Fight Gloves
The Professional Fight League (PFL) is the fastest-growing mixed martial arts promotion in North America, and its fighters demand the best. The word “professional” embodies the qualities of determination, drive, and durability that define top-tier competition. PFL fighters expect their equipment to meet the same high standards.
Uncompromising Quality and Performance
The PFL Official MMA Fight Gloves deliver professional-grade quality in every aspect. Made with full-grain, premium leather, they provide the durability and strength needed for intense training and competition. The classic, open-palm and open-thumb design offers optimal flexibility and grappling dexterity, while the inner lining keeps hands dry and comfortable. Stacked foam outer layers enhance impact absorption, and dual-lock wrist straps provide secure support for high-speed, high-impact training and combat. With their complete, professional-grade composition, these gloves meet the exacting standards of PFL fighters.


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