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Hand XTrainer


The Thera-Band® Hand Xtrainer is an innovative fitness product that combines hot/cold therapy with ease of use for effective home exercise. Its progressive design and versatility make it a valuable tool for measuring progress and supporting a broad range of workouts.

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Introducing the Thera-Band® Hand Xtrainer, an innovative solution designed to elevate your workout experience. With its patented formula, this product seamlessly integrates hot/cold therapy, ensuring both comfort and effectiveness. Its user-friendly design makes it ideal for home exercise, offering an economical and intuitive solution for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The Hand Xtrainer is progressive, allowing for a clear measure of progress as you advance in your fitness journey. Versatile and professional, it supports a broader range of exercises, making it a must-have for any workout regimen. Elevate your training with the Thera-Band® Hand Xtrainer, your go-to companion for advanced sport training.

Hand XTrainer Features
Color-coded resistance levels: lowest (red), intermediate (green), advanced (blue) and highest (black).
Multi-functioning design with built-in recovery allows for biomechanically correct form.
Easy to clean.


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