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Incline Push-Up Bars


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Elevate Your Push-ups:

Boost the effectiveness of your push-ups with Crown Sporting Goods’ Incline Push-Up Bars. Crafted from durable PVC material, these sleek black bars combine lightweight portability with exceptional durability, supporting weights of up to 220 lbs. Easily disassembled into three pieces, they offer compact storage and hassle-free travel options. Whether you’re hitting the gym, heading outdoors, or catching a flight, these push-up bars conveniently fit into small bags.

A Friendlier Approach:

With an ergonomic design, these push-up bars are a friend to your joints and posture. Standing at 4″” at their tallest and 3″” at their shortest, they enhance your range of motion, ensuring more impactful push-ups. The slight incline shifts your body into an optimal push-up position, reducing wrist discomfort and lowering the risk of injury. These bars accommodate various upper body workouts with multiple grip positions, allowing you to target specific muscle groups more effectively than traditional floor push-ups.

Why You’ll Appreciate Them:

By providing an inclined surface, these push-up bars expedite your progress compared to standard floor push-ups. Enjoy an extended range of motion, enabling deeper movements with each repetition. Say goodbye to wrist pain and hello to enhanced push-up form. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, these push-up bars will become a staple in your upper body workouts.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 5 × 4.75 cm


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